How to do damage control when you’re a newcomer

Camming is hard and whoever said that it’s not is full of bs and should spend a day in front of the cam to see how scary it really is.

But the #girlsfromstudio20 have gotten the hang of it and now just want to share some of the ways you can do damage control when you’re a newcomer in this industry.

Scenario 1: Parents

So your loved ones found out you work in live cam. It’s not an ideal situation, especially if they’re not open-minded people. There are, however, ways to do damage control in every situation.

Make them understand it’s a regular job. You talk to other people online, listen to them, help them with their problems, entertain them. You are in complete control of what you reveal. Don;t tell them about the getting naked part. Parents don’t want to know your personal life either. .It is quite hard work, no one earns money just because they get naked. You need to be able to hold a conversation on any subject, to be patient, to be a good listener.

With camming, you can acquire financial independence very fast. The money earned can be used to start your own business, to get a flat, a car, to ensure the start for a good future.

More about how to tell your parents you’re a cam model right here.

Scenario 2: Friends

There are the people around you that have stayed with you thru thick and thin. You call them friends.

But there was this little thing that you kept to yourself and well..they found out.

If they’re good friends and support you, they will ask questions to find out more about what you’re doing and what the job implies. Be straight to them, tell them what this is and you’ll have a great laugh afterward.

The good thing with friends is that you choose them so you share the same values so if you’re open minded they will be too.

Scenario 3: You have a stalker

Having a stalker can be an uncomfortable or terrifying situation, depending on the severity of the stalking. If you have the slightest suspicion that a member is stalking you at your workplace although you didn’t exchange any personal data, come in earlier and let someone from management know about the situation. Do not hesitate to ask for help before things escalate. Rest assured the management will make the best decision for your safety.

If you’re an independent model and working from home, tell one of your friends this concern, call the authorities and try never to walk alone (we’re big Liverpool fans LOL)

Scenario 4: How do I tell my boyfriend?

Being a cam girl doesn’t leave you a lot of room for romance.

We suggest you should tell your boyfriend about your job, not let him found out. Honesty is really important in a relationship and the sooner you tell him/her, the better.
If this is a new relationship, give it a few weeks, make sure you really have something with the guy before you blab this out.

If it’s an old relationship, we’d recommend that you talk to him before and make sure he’s ok with it. You don’t need his approval, of course, you are an independent woman. But still, you would like to know if he decided to be a camboy and a bunch of women or men will see him naked.

Let’s say you’ve been hiding this from the beginning, the poor guy doesn’t have any idea about you and he finds out.
First of all, explain, don’t go all „I’m an independent woman, my body is my temple, I do as I please” bc you’re going to lose him. Remember, you had time to understand your job. He hasn’t. So be patient.

Scenario 5: Other Cam girls

We all know that beautiful women get jealous for no reason, especially in the cam industry, because it’s a highly competitive industry. If this happens, then you should really play it cool. Most likely she will get over it. The worst case scenario is that she will spread some rumors among your members and you can deny everything or even use this to your advantage. Remember that there is no such thing as best friends in the business.

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