You want to ask us something? Want to know what jobs in VideoChat we offer? You want a video job at Studio 20? You want to visit us, get to know each other and find out more about us? Whatever you want, our door is open!

Welcome to the section dedicated to employees in VideoChat Studio 20! We know you want a better life, but for that you need a steady and well-remunerated job. And if you do what you like, the better.

Applying for employees in VideoChat at Studio 20 you have the chance to become part of our family. We are a top company that only makes employees in professional videochat. We are proud of our team with whom we have cultivated the ability to recruit and prepare the models that choose to engage in videochat, and for that we have been rewarded with numerous and important international prizes in the industry, more than Any studio in the world not just from Romania.

If you apply for employees in VideoChat at any studio owned by Studio 20, we promise that you will soon turn into a true master of seduction and manipulation, and if you are serious and get involved 100% you can get fabulous winnings – up to 25,000 dollars a month. In just a few years, you can buy a house, a car, travel all over the world, do your aesthetic surgeries that you've always dreamed of and buy everything you want. Yes, it sounds incredible, but you just have to visit us to prove it's the truth. You can see Top Model payables in Studio 20 and you can even talk to them.

We did not make a specific pattern for recruiting videochat models, but we want you to be between 18-40 years old, to be serious and ambitious in your job. You must always be willing to learn, to race you, to overcome your fears, your weaknesses, your flaws, and to put your femininity in value at any time of day and night. To get to the top, once you've been admitted for hiring in videochat, you must always have a fair attitude and conduct. You must always see your interest and pass on the little inconvenience of the day, as any professional would do. And we will reward you with the biggest winnings in videochat, to which we constantly add prizes, bonuses and various contests.

Besides all of these advantages that you can enjoy once you apply for employees in VideoChat at our studio, you will benefit from the contract of artist-interpreter, social insurance-pension and health, private medical insurance, equipment Performance, professional lights and non stop technical support. Our team of make-up artists and hairstylists will help you transform yourself daily so that you feel the most beautiful woman in the world.

Are you looking for jobs in videochat?

At Studio 20 We offer you the unique chance to assert yourself and earn your financial independence. If you choose to apply for employees in VideoChat at Studio 20, daily you will be courted, you will receive compliments, you will work in a friendly and modern environment and you will have a team together, which will help you reach your goals.

Studio 20 constantly increase the team of models because we periodically open new locations in Romania, but also outside the country. In just two years, we managed to inaugurate studios in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Craiova, Oradea and abroad, just in Los Angeles, USA, for which applications for employees in VideoChat are always open.