The role of a videochat studio is to help and sustain its model in the materialization of their own dreams and in getting some winnings from the larger videochat. "What is the support offered by Studio 20 videochat trainers?" and "Why do we have the logo" weExcel together"?", are just some of the questions we answer in the following.

Experience dictates performance.

Top management Studio 20 has over 20 years experience in videochat. A model working in one of our studios benefits from a well-trained administrative team, video equipment and performance technique, a beautifully decorated workspace and the most relevant tips for a successful career. The opinions about videochat are diverse, but it is obvious that experience helps to understand and make the most of this field.

We're a legal videochat studio 100%.

As in any other field, the activity of videochat is regulated by laws that Studio 20 fully complies with. Each model will conclude a contract that clearly specifies the rights and obligations of the parties and which, of course, complies 100% with the legislation in force. The employment contract will be terminated on the first day of work and a copy is handed over to the model immediately after signing.

Moreover, upon receipt of each income you will sign and receive your copy of an additional act specifying the videochat earnings obtained for that period (total in foreign currency, currency rate, amount in lei, percentage paid to you, all taxes and taxes withheld and what each consists of and, finally, net amount). The net amount will be received exclusively in your bank account and will be paid by the commercial company with which you signed the contract.

We're a united collective, like a family.

A normal day in a person's life usually is part of this: 8 hours at work, 8 hours of sleep and (less than) 8 hours free time with family, friends, for hobbies (because much of the time we lose on the roads). That's why it's very important to be surrounded at the job by a team of UNITA, optimistic, confident. At Studio 20 you will discover a team consisting of young staff, available 24/7 to provide you with any necessary information or support. In VideoChat Studios, relations between employees are of mutual help, understanding and harmony, the atmosphere being one of the main conditions for a successful activity. Obviously, the workplace must be treated with the necessary respect and seriousness in order to have exceptional results.

We offer you the best training.

Even if you are an experienced model (you have done videochat from home or in another studio) or a beginner, you will benefit from training. The videochat training will help you discover your identity as a model, give you helpful tricks during conversations, give you directions for the correct use of technical and video equipment, familiarize you with the site you will be working on. Even after the end of the training period, each videochat model will benefit daily from the help of the support team.

Flexible working hours.

Most jobs have a fixed schedule, not giving you the opportunity to handle your hobbies, faculty, etc. At Studio 20, the best videochat Studio in the world, you make your own work schedule. You can work on the morning shift, afternoon or night, depending on your priorities. For financial performance It is necessary to work 40 hours a week and keep working constantly on the same lap to keep your members loyal. If you want to get to the top in the videochat industry you can work even more, but you do it when and if you want. Also, you can always take a week's leave, you're your own boss!

Credits for house, car, aesthetic operations, etc.

Studio 20 wants each model to achieve its goals, to feel the benefits of choice. If you want to buy expensive goods or services and have not yet collected all the necessary money, we will help you by giving you a loan without any interest. Whether it's your car, your house, your vacation, cosmetic surgery or whatever, Studio 20 will help you fulfill your dreams.

Image counseling.

A model working at a videochat studio must pay attention to clothing, make-up and hairstyle, behavior, mimicry, gestures and language. From the first photo shoot, the model will receive the advice and help needed to get the best picture. At Studio 20 we take care of all the details on the exterior appearance, so that you are seductive, charming, a real diva.

Relaxation through fitness and massage at the studio.

To get the best results at work we have to relax. Studio 20 gives you this opportunity right at work. Our VideoChat models are equipped with fitness equipment and a masseur, able to benefit from relaxing massage, maintenance, anticellulitic, every day.

Other models in VideoChat.

The most relevant opinion is the one that models who have worked and/or are still working at Studio 20 can offer you. We are 100% open, we invite you to go to the page "Videochat reviews" or to pay us a visit to any of the videochat studios we have in the country.

International recognition.

Studio 20 was internationally recognized, receiving in 2016 the "Best Cam Studio" award, within the YNOT Gala, and two years in a row (2015, 2016) the award for "Studio of the Year", within the GFY Awards Gala, which took place in Las Vegas.

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  1. I have a question.. What happens to girls who do not want to pay in a bank account in Romania for various reasons?

    1. Hi Joan and thank you for the question. Depending on why you do not want payment in your bank account, we will search and find a correct and functional solution.

  2. Hello, I'd have a question. I have a girlfriend who doesn't look like a photomedel, she's a little chubby and wants to work at a studio but she's ashamed. An interest to what weight limit can a woman work in this area? And the girl is even beautiful , and unspoiled is beautiful but has this problem that I still thanks and an answer if possible.

    1. There are millions of members on the sites and each has its tastes. Much of them appreciate the chubby women so... He's got every chance! 🙂

  3. Good! Do you need to undress for this job?

    1. Yes, in principle, the job involves nudity. But it's not an absolute rule, there are models that are successful in the non-adult area, though a little harder.

  4. Non-Adult? A gogonata Lie!

    1. Why are you saying that, Sara? Where exactly is the lie?

    2. Why are you saying that, Sara?

  5. I want to hire what are the conditionsthat can be from home

    1. You are welcome to visit us to talk and detail why you do not get the results of your hopes at home.

  6. Good... My name is Alina, I am 22 years old, and all thought of what is spoken here, I am curious about this area and with this studio you own... would very much like to pass on to you guys to talk in January.... but...
    I would have a curiosity... want to know how to deal with a girl who is not from Bucharest and does not want to commute.... offer rent for starters... Until there is the money needed for purchase the only one home?

    1. Yes Alina, we help the colleagues who move to Bucharest until they begin to win enough.

      1. Thanks for the reply. See you in January.

  7. Good S20,

    I'd like to know if you have any location in more central areas, easier to reach than in the North station area or if you intend in the future. I would be interested in collaborating with you, if you have or will open through the Union, university, youth.

    I look forward to your answer!

  8. Hello!
    No employee and Image advisor? I'm make-up artist, interior design and beautician. I keep mentioning that I'm not looking for a full time job, because in alternate I deal as a bartender when needed, I teach make-up technique or perform tarditional cosmetics, and among other things I'm also a surveyor assistant 🙂
    I worked somewhere in the years 2000 as a video chat model when it was illegal. I have seen that you have ads always for hiring models or trainer, but unfortunately I forgot what this job means, only 3 years I worked, when you were acting to sit with 2-4 pc Open or 10 anyway i reprofiled. I can say that I studied as a self-taught psychology, micro and macro expression of a man, being forced when I chose to work with people, to integrate and understand the society in which I live. If you need my services, I would love a collaboration. A beautiful day I wish you

  9. Hello!
    I'd be interested in a franchise in Sibiu who can I talk to?

  10. Hi my name is Silvia from Bucharest, I watched your pictures, I read about you and convinced me to visit you

  11. Hello! I would like to ask you some questions about this job.
    First of all: can it work if you are under the age of 18? And... It can be done everything from home without needing to live in Bucharest, because I am from targoviste and it is far enough.

    1. Unfortunately all sites require that the average age 18 years are fulfilled, whether you work adult or non-adult. When you're 18, you can call us and help you work from home.

  12. I'd be interested in a franchise in Galati!

  13. Hello. What are the conditions to work from home, if there is this possibility?

    Thank you

  14. Hello I would like to know if you can work from home

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