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2 years after the opening of the first VideoChat studio in Bucharest, in February 2015 we launched a new location, right in the Victoria Square. Since the opening of the second location, the models that applied for employment have enjoyed the largest space that a videochat studio in Bucharest occupies. The area of the new studio located in Victoriei Square is 700 square meters, which stretches over 2 sections of the office building Victoria Business Center: One overlooking the square of victory and another overlooking the Buzesti Street.

In the new VideoChat studio in the Victoria area, Bucharest, there are 20 working spaces, having an extremely generous area (on average, over 25 square meters each). We believe that the atmosphere that prevails in all Studio 20 locations must be similar to the one at home, which is why for the comfort of our models we have from romantic bedrooms to libraries, offices, kitchen or shower, all prepared for Streaming.

Because our main goal is to "Excel together", we are proud that the second studio of VideoChat in Bucharest is strategically located right in the center of the capital, just a few minutes from the Metro. The involvement and imagination of the team of young, ambitious and professional designers and builders, emphasizing in this location the perfect combining of visual appearance with functionality.

What benefits will you have if you are part of the team of the new VideoChat studio in Bucharest, Victoria area?

1. We want to motivate and reward female models at the beginning of the road in this area, so we offer them a guaranteed minimum income of $1,000 during the first 3 months within one of the VideoChat studios in Romania, Hungary or Columbia, Studio brand 20.

To benefit from this advantage, they do not need previous experience, but only by a strong motivation, a positive attitude, a pleasant physical appearance, to know the Romanian language and to have minimal knowledge of English. At the same time, they must follow all the training procedures and advice of the support team, to be online at least 90 hours in that period, to be present at the English courses and to observe all the scheduled work shifts. If unforeseen situations arise, the models must contact the management of the VideoChat studio before the start of the shift and provide good reasons for changing the shift. The exchange will only be realised if they have a free day during that period.

The new VideoChat models will debut online on the 1/2 and 16/17 days of the month. If this does not happen, the guaranteed minimum income will apply in the first 6 complete periods anyway. For example, if you start the activity as a videochat model within one of our studios starting on November 25th, you will have a minimum income of $1,000 in December, January and February. This amount will be cased in every second period, if you earn under $1,000 in both periods. In case you win more than $1,000, you will be properly remunerated and will no longer account for this criterion.

2. The videochat models of both sexes, engaged in VideoChat studios in the Studio 20 network, will be eligible for cumulative bonuses, which add to the gross Standard commission of 50%, as follows:

– 2% if it activates online over 90 hours during that period;
– 5% If it works for more than 100 hours during that period;
– 5% If the income exceeds $10,000 during that period;
– 5% If it is on the models team of this videochat studio for 12 full months – when fulfilling 12 months of continuous activity within this studio in Timisoara, models become eligible for a loyalty bonus, which adds to the Commission

These bonuses can be cumulate (except for the first two), so any model can get to collect a commission of up to 65%! To qualify for any of the bonuses, the models must fulfill the same conditions as for the guaranteed minimum income.

3. You will have the opportunity to work at the largest VideoChat studio in Bucharest and the world, which works 100% legal, often awarded both for the professionalism of which it gives proof, and for the excellent results, in prestigious gale in this industry, Conducted in Spain, Czech Republic, USA and Romania.

4. You will have stability and safety, as Studio 20 is a videochat studio with over 16 years of experience in this industry and with locations on three continents: Europe, the United States of America and South America. Thus, you will not run out of job overnight, as they skate other models that work for different VideoChat studio in Bucharest.

5. You can ask for proof of very large gains that Studio 20 models have recorded over time when you come to the interview. It is no secret that our models have revenues of up to $25,000 per month and if you wish, the studio manager can show you clear proof that all winnings are real.

6. You will work in a legal videochat studio, where you will sign from the first day an artist-interpreter contract, in which all your rights and obligations are mentioned and you will receive your own copy of this contract on the spot. Also, every two weeks, When payment is made, you will sign an additional act, in which it figures the total amount achieved during that period, your Commission (50%), taxes (CAS, CASS, income tax) and the final amount, which will be signed to your account.

7. You do not need experience because you will have the best trainers available in a videochat studio in Bucharest and permanent support. All our models will sign the contract of artist-performer directly with the international company Global Broadcasting Producer, which will deal with their promotion and will provide them with the necessary traffic, trainings, professional equipment etc. In the first 5 days, you will be helped by a dedicated trainer colleague who will teach you everything you need to know in this field. If at the end of these 5 days you do not feel ready, the training period can be extended. Also, on each lap you will have at least 2 colleagues/co-workers to whom you can always call with confidence, in case you need assistance.

8. This is the only VideoChat studio in Bucharest that has a vast network of contacts in the field and can provide you with an intense and efficient promotion. Due to a marketing budget of over $100,000 per month, models from all Studio 20 VideoChat Studios receive dedicated traffic by rotation. Thus, more than 300,000 visitors are redirected daily by us to our models, so that they have substantial revenues and fulfill their proposed objectives.

We also help you to have consistent income from your personal sites or affiliate programs.

9. You have the opportunity to work at the first VideoChat studio in Bucharest and in the world that has received Jasmin certification at Gold level. This means that you will have preferential conditions, permanent technical support and many other benefits, which will turn into higher revenues for you. You can check this information by accessing: https://modelcenter.jasmin.com/en/certified-studios.

10. You will benefit free of the best individual courses of general culture, English and makeup. They will help you in both the model job and your personal life!

11. You will get financial help from Studio 20 to complete your makeup kit and work wardrobe. If you stay on Studio 20 at least 3 months, you'll get all the gift from us. If you leave before this period is fulfilled, the costs of your products and clothing will be stopped from your last salary.

12. If you fulfill a minimum of 6 months on the team of the largest VideoChat studio in Bucharest, you will have the opportunity to receive financial aid in the form of direct credits covering 80% of the amount you need from Studio 20. You're going to repay this money monthly from the proceeds you make. For example, if you want to do a cosmetic surgery, you will have to have 20% of the amount, and Studio 20 will cover 80% of the costs.

13. Studio 20 is one of the few, if not the only VideoChat studio in Bucharest that promotes glamour (non-adult) videochate, which combines large gains with the fact that you do not have to undress if you do not want.

Schedule yourself now for an interview if you want big winnings and if you want to convince yourself of the atmosphere of the VideoChat studio in Bucharest – Victoria. We expect you to apply for employees in VideoChat or take a tour with our team.

Gallery with pictures from Studio 20 Videochat Bucharest victory

Location Studio 20 Videochat Bucharest victory

Address: Victoria Business Center, Calea Victoriei 155, Tronson 7, 1st Floor, Sector 1, Bucharest 010073, Romania

Phone: (+ 4) 0748 777 757

Email: angajari.victoriei@studio20.com

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