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Welcome to Studio 20 's newest VideoChat studio, located in Los Angeles! Because we want to excel together, it makes us a great joy to announce that, starting from 2016, Studio 20 performs its activity in the heart of entertainment industry, Hollywood, California.

Thanks to constant investments in people, in technology and the determination to conquer the world, Studio 20 is the most suitable place for a model that wants a successful career in a videochat studio. For over 17 years we have been proud to be the label of a 100% legal videochat business, that we can offer their career and earnings to those who only dream and that we have a dedicated, professional staff and for whom we "Excel together!" represents Day-to-day motivation.

A relaxing environment, in which comfort combines with modern design elements, make the Los Angeles videochat Studio Suitable for a career worthy of the stars of the Walk of Fame. Here we welcome you with the same premium amenities and everything you need as a VideoChat model: specialized training, technical support, clothes, hair styling, makeup and even masseuse.

Here are the benefits you will benefit from in this VideoChat studio:

1. Legality and fairness. Since the first day of activity you will sign an artist-interpreter contract with the international company Global Broadcasting Producer, which will deal with your promotion and will provide you with the necessary traffic, trainings, professional equipment, etc. At the beginning of the training you will be in possession of the working rules, available on the website of the VideoChat studio. Subsequently, twice a month, when you cash in, you will sign an additional act in which all information relating to the amount is collected: How much has been cased for you from each site, your total, your fee, each tax and tax paid and the net amount , which will be transferred to your personal account as a result of your hiring at this Los Angeles videochat Studio.

2. Safety and stability. We are a company with tradition, with over 17 years of experience in the field, with VideoChat Studios on 3 continents: Europe, North America and South America. Therefore, we will not disappear overnight, just as it happens with most VideoChat studios.

3. Cumulative commission up to 65%! Female VideoChat models will be able to add to the 50% standard commission the numerous bonuses according to their performances at the Los Angeles videochat Studio, as follows:
– 2% if it activates online over 90 hours during that period;
– 5% If it works for more than 100 hours during that period;
– 5% If the income exceeds $10,000 during that period;
– 5% If it is on the models team of this videochat studio for 12 full months.
The first two bonuses cannot be cumulable!

4. Very high traffic from partner sites. Studio 20 provides more than 300,000 visitors per day to its models, thanks to the exclusive partnership with Live Jasmin and a marketing budget of over $100,000 per month. The models of this VideoChat studio will never stay for hours on free chat without anyone in the room. Thus, we are among the few VideoChat studios that can help you win up to $10,000 a month!

5. Personal Trainer. As a model of the Los Angeles videochat Studio, you will benefit from a personal trainer who will teach you everything you need to do in front of the video camera. For you to do the performance within this VideoChat studio, you will permanently have our support, we will give you free courses of general culture and makeup, customized especially for you. Thus, you will have so much to gain as a professional and personal plan, choosing to work on this videochat studio.

6. Worldwide Prestige. After you engage as a model at the Los Angeles videochat Studio, you will be able to participate in international festivals and win numerous prizes. Studio 20 is the only videochat studio in the world that has been certified Jasmin at Gold level, and our models have received the titles "Best Model", "Best Emerging Model", "Best Smile", "Best Non-Adult Model", "Best Fetish Model", "Best Entertainer" etc.

7. Marketing and promotion campaigns. At your request, we can help you become famous within this Los Angeles VideoChat studio to earn more money. Otherwise, you can count on us for the confidentiality of personal data and discretion.

8. Financial support for debutante. Another major benefit that this VideoChat studio offers you is that we will help you with the money to complete your wardrobe and make-up kit, in case you need it. And if you stay at the VideoChat studio in Los Angeles at least 3 months, then the products will be a gift from us and you won't have to pay them back.

9. Loans without interest, directly from the employer. Because we want the models at this videochat studio in Los Angeles to feel the benefits of the job, after 6 months in the company you can request credits from Studio 20 only!

10. Practicing glamour videochate. This VideoChat studio offers models the possibility of making non-adult videochat, meaning they can keep their clothes on, calling only the intelligence to seduce the members of the VideoChat sites.

Why did we choose to open a videochat studio in Los Angeles? Because we enjoy the prestige of the best videochat studio in the world and because we want to bring in the USA the charm of European models that tackle the nice glamour-premium. Los Angeles is the best place where entertainment blends harmoniously with the mysteries of seduction and videochate, resulting in a perfect trio.

We pride ourselves on the most important trophies in the VideoChat industry, won by our top models:
– In September 2015, at the YNOT Awards in Prague, we obtained the title for "Best Emerging Live Studio" in the year 2016 "Best Live Studio" and in 2017 Award "Best Romanian Cam Studio"
– in 2015, in Barcelona, Devious de Angel won the "Best Live Cam Personal Site" award, continuing with "Best Cam Model" at GFY 2016, Las Vegas and "Best Live Model" at Lalexpo 2016, Cartagena, Colombia;
– Emma Wild and Zeya were honored with "Best Fetish Model" and "Best Video Teaser" at AW 2015, in Mamaia;
– Also in 2015, in Prague, Raquelle Diva received the trophy for "Best Live Cam Model" at the YNOT Awards, followed in 2016 by Sassha Red who received the same trophy;
– At the Live Cam Awards 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, Cristiana Moore received 1st place in the category "Best Non-Adult Model", demonstrating that Studio 20 models can make money and dressed;
– In January 2016, at the GFY Awards in Las Vegas, we were awarded, for the second time, the title "Studio of the Year";
– XBIZ 2017, "Cam Studio of the Year" and "Live Cam Model of the Year" won by Devious Angel, one of the most successful models of Studio 20.

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Address: 1253 Vine Street #15, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA

Phone: (+) 1-323-283-1411