After over 17 years of experience in VideoChat one thing is clear to us: for 99% of models making VideoChat at a studio is more effective than making videochat from home. The income of a model working in a videochat studio, with a program of minimum 40 hours a week, are on average 200% up to 500% higher than those of a model that works on videochat sites at home.

If you are in a location where we do not have another VideoChat studio and you do not want to move to a city where there is a Studio 20, we still offer collaborative solutions for models that want to make videochat from home.

What benefits do you have at home VideoChat, along with the best VideoChat studio in the world, Studio 20?

    • You will receive a commission of up to 95% of sales (80% is the base fee and add bonuses of up to 15% for the number of hours online, for the volume of cashes and for Fidelity alongside Studio20).
    • We will give you instructions for setting up your accounts, software and computer, tips on optimizing your image and a complete training manual.
    • In addition, you have access to a Skype-dedicated address to ask for help whenever you need it.
    • At your request, we can also take care of the international promotion of your model brand, but you have to take this job publicly the moment you want to promote yourself (you know or your family can find out anytime of it and if we don't promote you, but chances happen grow When you are promoted).
    • In addition, if you want, you can make photo sessions, make-up and video in our studios from all over the world, paying only the cost of achieving those materials.
  • For more information about the chat program from home you can contact the project manager via email or the phone number/WhatsApp (+ 4) 0759 011 414, specifying that you want to work from home, why and adding some pictures of you and the location where you want to work. We accept female models (girls), male (men) or couples (heterosexual or gay).

What we expect from the models that choose to make videochat at home under the guidance Studio 20:

  • Seriousness and perseverance. Even if you choose to make VideoChat at home, if you want to make serious money it is necessary to work every day, in a stable time frame, for members to know when they can find you online.
  • Quality equipment and endowments. Purchasing technical equipment you'll have to do it yourself. The VideoChat at home is not cheap at first because you have to invest a considerable amount of money in quality equipment. You need a calculator with the minimum i5 processor and 4Gb RAM (preferably i7 with 8Gb RAM), a decent webcam (we recommend Logitech c920), the lighting umbrella type of diffusion and a suitable décor. Obviously, we can give you all the details to choose the most suitable and economical solutions.
  • Professional photo and video. To be able to start working with us, you must have at least 10 professional pictures (not nude) and 2 videos of 1 minute.
  • Quality Internet. If the internet goes wrong, then the chances of getting big winnings from VideoChat are zero. So you need quality Internet, which we can test to ensure that it works properly (we exclude from wireless start and mobile internet).

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  3. Good!
    I want to become a videochat model but I live stable in Germany.
    Is it possible that I work with you from here?

  4. Blue ayes
    Blonde hair

  5. I want to become a model

  6. I want to do videochat from home, I really need the money.

  7. Hi how can I do video chat from home?

  8. Hi I wanted to work from home and I wanted to be a brand ambassador

  9. I'm 22 years old and I'm interested

  10. Good! What are the requirements to quit the studio and work from home?

    1. Hey Ana!
      To work from home you need to make sure you have all the equipment you need for quality streaming.
      Moreover, the room from which you broadcast must be adapted to the site you work on and make sure that nothing will interfere in your work schedule, affecting your earnings.
      If you are already working with us in one of Studio20's offices, ask your manager what is the best option for you; if you're not working, give us a call on 0748 777 757

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