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How I started making money from Twitter and my personal site

When I started in the Cam Girl business I had no idea it was hard work. I soon realized that I need to be promoted, for my Aubrey Novaa brand to grow and attract more members. The marketing team from Studio20 explained to me that Twitter is an amazing option for marketing yourself, your brand, your cam shows for free.

Indeed, Twitter is one of the best social media sites where cam girls promote themselves. It’s rather easy for a new cam girl to get known on Twitter. There are lots of Twitter profiles with over 20K followers that retweet and promote cam girls for free, and you just need a few shares from them and your account will start growing overnight.


The most important thing on Twitter is to be yourself and post daily. I usually post selfies of me drinking my coffee, going to the gym, going to the pool, day-to-day stuff. People need to see that you’re a real person and that your account is yours and not managed by someone else. So, post whatever you like and answer to comments and messages. This helps a lot in making new friends and convert them into members, sending them to my chat room and making money of course.

Posting regularly and interacting with your followers can make your account grow. But how to make money on Twitter, that’s the most important question.

Linking your ChatRoom to your Twitter Profile is the first step. If you post daily and you’re active, if you keep connected with your followers, you can send them to your chat room so that they can see you live. That’s how you make more members and of course earn money. You can also find an affiliate site, from where you can get revenue also, besides the cam site. This acts like a bridge between your chat room and their site and if a member joins the site using the affiliate link that the site provides, you will earn a percentage.

Another way to make a passive income from social media is to have a personal website, where you can upload content different from the one you post on Twitter.

I treat my site as my baby, I always make sure that it stays updated with my latest photo shoots, videos, blogs, exclusive content just for my special members to have access to. My site is a part of the ModelCentro platform.

  • Go in vacation- post – make money
    – photoshoot – post- make money
  • -tease- make money
  • I don’t post when I’m in holiday, but income still comes to me from the ppl that join my site while I am in vacation

All in all it’s easy to make money on Social Media, as long as you put some work into it. Whatever site you choose, make sure you post daily, make sure you are active and you stay connected with your friends and followers and come and give me a follow here:


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